I recently got some of the Plastcraft buildings, specifically the Sushi-Corner and the yu jing shopping center.

Then I went to look at the assembly instructions, and to my dismay the images of the instructions were of pretty poor quality. The images were so small that I had to zoom in, and as a result the images became distorted making it impossible to identify the part numbers circled in red for some of the parts. So I was forced to go by the shape of the items.

Fortunately, I was able to figure out the pieces and put it together correctly, but I don't think a more inexperienced model builder would have been able to do that.

Please, for some of the larger kits that you make, split the assembly instructions into multiple parts and/or use higher resolution so the important information doesn't get distorted and made unreadable when you zoom in(while being too faint to see when normal sized).


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