Hereís a small donation to show my support. Itís not much but a few cups of premium coffee are always appreciated around the office: ďa moment enjoyed is not wasted.Ē Of course, Iíve already pre-ordered my copy of Grimdawn.

I hope to God you will be the next Blizzard of ARPG. Thereís a huge audience out there for this genre just waiting for the right game to come out. Many of us were terribly saddened that TQ2 was canceled. Let me put it like this:

Many of us are super pissed that Blizzard has become too big, too arrogant, and too slow to release their games; with the recent release of SC2, this has become all too obvious. As good as Blizzard is, 12 years to develop one game is unacceptable Ė no matter how good it is, period. Diablo III using DX9 already looks outdated. Laugh.

Make Grimdawn really good so you will have a legion of followers, thatís how Blizzard made it and thatís the ONLY way to do it. With the recent announcement of Torchlight II (due to popular demand; the fans literally bagged the developer to make a sequel so the developers have decided to put the TL MMORPG on hold and make the sequel first). Look around, besides Torchlight, there ISNíT A SINGLE decent ARPG out there right now. Remember Boulderís gate? That was another huge hit back then.

To combat piracy, use Steam or equivalent on-line authentication process ONLY PLEASE. This has proven very effective so your hard work wonít be stolen. $19.99 is the sweet spot (x 1 million copies) is a lot of dough. Provide initial powerful incentive for genuine copies for free on-line downloads, i.e., a new powerful pet or even a brand new character (jail broken/pirated copies will fail to download) will further deter piracy. If you sell physical package, you run the risk of piracy.


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