can i have some feedback on a modem please. i am upgrading my internet speed and need a new modem, i just ordered the Netgear CM 700 but now i am reading about the puma 6 that people are saying don't get any model with this chipset in it. so that rules out the one i purchased that will arrive tomorrow and the other one i was looking at the sb6190. can someone shed some light on this please, like have the service providers or other found a fix for the issues with this chip? please help as i might order a different model with suggestions.

i was looking for at least 24 channels so if i ever went to 1gig speeds i would be set, but since i am only going with the 330 speed should i just go with the SB6183 or the netgear cm600 as they don't have the problem chip?

please help


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