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I'm in the process of building a new computer and I am trying to decide whats best between CPU speed or multiple cores/multiple threads and more memory. I'm trying the decide between the following 2 options on which will give me the most bang for the buck running Vue.

1. Intel Core i7 system with a motherboard that has 6 banks for memory (6 x 2gb =12 gb total) and a Intel i7-975 3.33GHz 4 core hyperthread processor (4 cores x 2 threads per core = 8 threads total).

2 Intel Xeon 5530 series system with a dual processor motherboard that has 6 banks for memory per processor which equals 12 banks and a total of 24gb of memory. The processors would be Intel Xeon L5530 Nehalem-EP 2.4GHZ quad core with hyperthreading (2 processors x 4 cores x 2 threads = 16 threads total) "Note I would start with only one processor and memory in it's 6 banks to save money and I'd have the ability to expand in the future by adding the 2nd processor and it's memory in the other 6 banks.

My question is what is more important when running "Vue" Cpu speed (3.33GHz vs 2.4GHz) or number of processors/cores/threads and more memory (16 vs 8 threads and 24gb vs 12gb memory)?

Also how does memory fit into the equation 12gb vs 24gb?

If the answer is the xeon w/ 2 processors I realize starting out building with 1 processor that it will be slower than the Core i7 build. I like having the option of expanding the system down the road with the 2nd processor and additional 12gb of memory, but this pushes the overall cost up by a third.

The only way I'd have in the future of upgrading the i7 build is if Intel comes out with a faster processor that will work in this motherboard (not likely) or I could try to overclock the system.

Wrapping things up even thou the two systems (xeon w/1 processor) are about the same costs starting off because of the cost difference in the processors (due to their speed difference) I am leaning towards the i7 build. This would keep me from spending more money down the road, unless I learn that the extra threads and memory at the cost of CPU speed is a better way to go (by a large amount) in the long term.


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