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17-12-2013, 23:38
Star Citizen - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/

Star Citizen Extended Trailer


Star Citizen - 300 Series Trailer


Anvil Hornet


RSI Aurora




Daca va e dor de un space sim asta va fi .....vis

Creatorul jocului e Chris Roberts - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/c...-Chris-Roberts

Jocul e finantat de catre jucatori, poti sa iti cumperi de pe acum un pachet cu o nava iar la lansare vei primi jocul. Cel mai ieftin pachet costa 30$.
Pana acum s-au strans 34 mil $.

Jocul va fi sandbox, nu va fi pay to win, nu va avea subscriptie lunara, va fi in stilul GW2, tot ce se va putea cumpara dupa lansare vor fi doar chestii cosmetice.
La fel tot ce se vinde acum in timpul campaniei de finantare se poate cumpara in joc cu credite obtinute jucand.

Jocul va fi lansat treptat, deja a fost lansat hangar module. Astfel poti sa te plimbi prin hangar sa vezi si sa urci in navele pe care le-ai cumparat.

Jocul va fi lansat pe module dupa cum urmeaza:

1. Hangar The first thing we’re planning is, in August, for Gamescom and PAX, we’re going to release the hangar module to all the backers. It’s a space hangar you can go in, all in the engine, and you can see the ships that you’ve pledged. Walk around in 3D. Go inside them. Invite your friends to hang out and see your ships. You should also be able to do some customization on the ships. I’m not sure if we’ll have all the assets built by then, but you should be able to customize. That’s in August.

2. Dogfighting Module And then in December, the end of December, we'll release the dogfighting module, which will allow you to take the ship that you've backed, basically what you've got sitting in your hangar, and go into space in sort of a head-to-head deathmatch against other players or AI ... so in December people will be able to sort of dogfight and play, so they actually will be to have close to a World of Tanks style experience there, which will be kind of cool, and we'll be adding ship items and more stuff on there so people will be able to customize their ships. So basically the hangar will be working in concert with the dogfighting module.

3. Social / Planetside Module The planet side module releases sometime next year (Chris tells us perhaps March or April) and will include the social aspects of being on a planet. You’ll be able to do things like go to the bar and chat.

4. FPS / Ship Boarding Module Approximate date: Between April 2014 (the planetside module) and August 2014 (the Squadron 42 alpha). And then after [the planetside module] we're gonna have the first-person shooter ship boarding module where they can fight against other people on their ship. And then an alpha of the single-player story Squadron 42. And then finally an alpha of Star Citizen, which is a full sandbox universe that involves all these modules.

5. Squadron 42 / Singleplayer Alpha Further out is the single player alpha (roughly August 2014) and the alpha for system universe (again, roughly December 2014).

6. Persistent Universe Module / Beta ...and then a beta of the persistent universe by the end of the year (2014), which essentially is bringing all of these things into one holistic piece, and then we'll go live after the beta which I would anticipate would probably be sometime in early 2015. But essentially from the end of 2014 you should be able to play the full game, it'll just be beta because there obviously still will be things to tweak and balance, and we'll try and keep the player base constrained until after we've gone through beta, because, you know, it's not really a beta if you've got a million players.

7. Final launch Star Citizen & Squadron 42 - Early 2015

Star Citizen va avea suport pentru AMD Mantle.

Is curios daca mai sunt si altii interesati de jocul asta pe aici sau care poate au cumparat deja un pachet.

Eu am pachetul Digital Freelancer si un Freelancer normal :D

13-02-2014, 20:32
Star Citizen - Vanduul Scythe PBR (Physically Based Rendering)


01-11-2014, 19:09
Modulul PFS intr-o faza alpha


Si aici (http://starcitizen-romania.tk) bazele Óncercării de a creea o comunitate SC ..

23-02-2015, 23:59
In 8 martie v-a fi jucabila partea FPS a jocului